Professional training

Professional training

The company regularly works with groups of teachers, whether with Côté cour as part of the production of La femme juive, with the Rectorat de Besançon, notably on multilingual theatre, or during specific interventions, for example with the Rectorat de Strasbourg to produce Nostalgie 2175, or at Dieppe Scène Nationale in 2016 on theatre and history. 

The workshops are also an opportunity for the team to meet performers on stage and share a technique or approach. In 2018, she led a workshop for the Savoie department for professional actors on the theme of dramaturgy in acts. . In 2017, with Solange Oswald she co-directed a Chantier Nomade entitled " dialogue with contemporary authors from Europe", for professional actors.

Training "Dramaturgie en actes" led by Anne Monfort as part of the Chantiers Nomades training plan for Guadeloupe.