We have also developed the genre of readings, particularly novel readings, and musical readings. The place where actors work on readings, which is on the verge of embodiment, is of particular interest to me because of the space left for the imagination.
We have thus worked on readings in partnership with the Centre Régional du Livre de Franche-Comté, with the departmental media library of the Territoire de Belfort, with the Terres de paroles festival, the City of Besançon, and the Maison Victor Hugo in Besançon. 

Since 2016, the company has been a partner of the Agence Livre et Lecture de Bourgogne Franche-Comté for its Petites Fugues festival. Each edition is an opportunity for new collaborations with various local partners, whether they be venues (Maison de l'Environnement de Malsaucy, Forges de Pesmes, CDN de Besançon Franche-Comté, Château de Champlitte, Echosystème, Moulin de Brainans, Deux Scènes, Musée des Beaux Arts), or artistic and educational partnerships (CRR de Besançon, Université de Besançon, École de musique de Gray). 

As part of Les Petites Fugues, the company has also created literary concerts, directed by Anne Monfort and featuring two authors from the programme and a local music group. This was the case of a long partnership with the Moulin de Brainans, which hosted the 2016 literary concerts with Julia Kerninon and Emmanuelle Richard with musician Hervé Gudin, the 2017 concert with Cécile Coulon, Arnaud Rykner and the group Näo, the 2018 concert with Stéphanie Chaillou, Thomas Giraud and the group Komorebi, and the 2019 concert with Sonia Ristic, Erwan Desplanques and the group Adamsberg & Coco. The 2020 concert that was scheduled to take place at the Moloco in Montbéliard with Grégoire Courtois, Lucie Taieb and the group Under Old Trees was cancelled due to COVID-19. In 2021 the concert took place at Echosystem with Helena Villovitch and Yves Ravey, as well as the actor Jean-Baptiste Verquin.

Les Petites Fugues has also been an opportunity to collaborate with regional art schools, whether the ISBA at the closing of La Scénacle in 2016, Besançon Conservatory theatre students, MA in Performing Arts students, the contemporary music class of the Besançon Conservatory, or the Gray music school in 2019.

The day-for-night company has also initiated literary walks with the Maison de l'environnement and the Forges de Pesmes. It also organised the closing of the festival in 2016 at La Scénacle, in 2017 and 2018 at the CDN, in 2019 at the Forges de Pesmes, and in 2021 at the 2 Scènes.

In 2020 and 2021, we also recorded video and sound clips in collaboration with the sound designer Eve Ganot.
For these various readings, day-for-night worked with Marion Begin, Thomas Blanchard, Mathieu Dion, Guillaume Clausse, Katell Daunis, Genséric Coléno-Demeulenaere, Claude Guyonnet, Judith Henry, Léopoldine Hummel, Pearl Manifold, Léa Masson, Neil-Adam Mohammedi, Hervé Pierre, Hakim Romatif, Julie-Anne Roth, Carine Rousselot,  Anne Sée, Jean-Baptiste Verquin, Gérard Watkins.

Anne Monfort also directed literary concerts at the request of the writer, such as L’île haute de la romancière Valentine Goby.


As part of the Les Petites Fugues 2020 festival, a recording of the readings was made. To access the podcasts, click here!

Literary walk directed by Anne Monfort at the Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology in Besançon for the closing of the festival Les Petites fugues 2023