Inspired by the French new novel and new wave, the company's shows create clues that enable a fiction to be formed without following it from beginning to end, particular states of presence, coexistences of fragmentary and sometimes contradictory textual elements. We regard the theatre as a place that simultaneously permits us to "organise a little thought" (Mathieu Riboulet) and a place of aesthetic shock, a place that articulates the personal and the political. Combining text, aesthetics and music, our creations constantly strive for a meaningful relationship with the audience.

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Nostalgie 2175 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage – Le quart d’heure américain © Ludovic Tourdot – La femme juive © day-for-night – Pas pleurer © Rita Martinos – La méduse démocratique © Patrice Forsans- Studio Marulaz – Désobéir © Luc Arasse – Morgane Poulette © Patrice Forsans © Luc Arasse – Perséphone 2014 © Patrice Forsans – No(s) Révolution(s) © Simon Gosselin
Temps universel +1 © day-for-night – Et si je te le disais, cela ne changerait rien © Charlène Strock – Exit © Juliette Medelli – Quelqu’un dehors moi nulle part ©day-for-night – Les fantômes ne pleurent pas © Alexandre Planchot – Ranger (sa vieille Maîtresse) © Jean-Baptiste Pasquier – Histoire d’embranchure © Annie Besnard – Tout le monde se fout de Mademoiselle Escalot © Jean-Baptiste Pasquier – Si c’était à refaire © Jean-Baptiste Pasquier – Sous la glace © Jean-Baptiste Pasquier – Laure © Céleste Delestre – Tout. En une nuit. © Maud Trictin – Dieu est un dj © Mathieu Cretté