Le quart d’heure américain


le quart d’heure américain


A party at Karl's, the cool kid in class. Something goes wrong. Something that can't really be identified at the time and is called (the absence of) consent.

Magali Mougel and Sylvain Levey have written two texts about the same event as seen by two supporting characters, Théo and Chloé. These two texts, performed by Paul Fougère and Ysanis Padonou or Fanny Kervarec, will be interwoven and performed directly in a secondary school class.

In both texts the ghost of Audre Lorde, a black American poet and feminist, who theorised about invisibility and the need for speech, hovers. In adolescence, what does it mean to be invisible, in one's body? How do you exist in relation to others? Audre Lorde recounts her astonishment when, at the age of five, she found herself sitting next to a white woman in the metro who was doing everything in her power not to avoid coming into contact with her. Théo, who feels invisible and different, and Chloé, who does everything she can to fit in with the group without quite succeeding, experience a parallel awareness and liberation of speech.

It will involve making the precision and rhythm of the texts heard, creating Brechtian addresses to the audience as well as solitary poetics, making the characters' bodies exist - the clumsiness of a dreamy Théo, always caught up in his daydreams, Chloé's attempt to adjust to others - and sowing elements of parallelism between the two stage forms in the props and the soundscapes. To do justice to the solution of not remaining silent that is outlined in the texts, that of solidarity and friendship.

In the first version, the two texts were performed independently, to two different classes. This time, it seems more relevant to us to combine the two monologues and to let the audience hear the two points of view that oppose and complement each other.

Anne Monfort

Production 2020  day-for-night, Les Scènes du Jura, Am Stram Gram, Genève
Reprise 2022 day-for-night
day-for-night is subsidised by the DRAC Bourgogne Franche-Comté and by the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. The company is supported in its projects by the Departmental Council of Doubs and the City of Besançon.

© Ludovic Tourdot

Text Magali Mougel and Sylvain Levey
Direction Anne Monfort
With Ysanis Padonou or Fanny Kervarec and Paul Fougère
Administration and production Coralie Basset, Nancy Abalo and Yohan Rantswiler
Production and booking Florence Francisco & Gabrielle Baille
Les Productions de la Seine
Press relations Olivier Saksik – Elektronlibre

On 8th April 2022
Comédie de Béthune
Centre Dramatique National
(2 performances)

On 9th and 10th May 2022
NEST Théâtre – Centre Dramatique National transfrontalier de Thionville-Grand Est (4 performances)
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