Working with higher education institutions

Working with higher education institutions

Anne Monfort regularly works in theatre schools (TNS, CNSAD, ESAD, Ecole de la Comédie de Saint-Etienne). She suggests many educational projects, and in 2018 and 2019 she participated in the accreditation processes of the ERACM and TNB schools. She is also a regular member of the ESAD and CNSAD admission panels.

In 2021, Anne Monfort directed Nulle part by Kouam Tawa, a graduation show for students of the Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art Dramatique, which brought together 24 young actors on stage.

Projects with schools are part of the company's overall strategy. Students are invited to participate in research projects carried out by day-for-night, whether it be the students of the CNSAD's Jouer et mettre en scène course as part of Fantasticalité, or the ESAD's Class of 2022, associated with the Operation Caravaggio project.

As part of the company's mentorship of the author Thibault Fayner, the latter wrote Les médaillons , which Anne Monfort staged in 2019 with the students of EDT 91 for their graduation show.

The work in the higher education institutions has also enabled the company to meet the author Kevin Rittberger, with whom it is now collaborating, through his script Cassandre ou le monde comme fin de la représentation , directed by Anne Monfort, with the students of the ESAD.

The company is also very active in pre-professionalisation schemes, especially with the DEUST in Besançon. Anne Monfort has been involved every year since 2014, and since 2021, has been part of the educational council, together with the actress Pearl Manifold; they focus on dramaturgy in action and preparation for competitions. The partnership between the DEUST and the company involves many actors since the young apprentice artists May Hilaire and Louise Legendre, as well as the author Laure Bachelier-Mazon also participated in the class of 2021-23.
The company also welcomed an apprentice director during the rehearsals of Nostalgie 2175 as part of the L3 pro scheme run by the Besançon CDN and the University.


LES MÉDAILLONS by Thibault Fayner
Directed by Anne Monfort with the EDT 91 students
Written for the students of EDT 91, this piece proposes sequence shots that paint the soul through an emblematic gesture of a life. Like a kaleidoscopic picture, a family photo where each person successively takes the floor, tries to address the other, to find their place and their voice, allowing echoes to be woven.
Text: Thibault Fayner
Direction: Anne Monfort
Performance by EDT 91 students as part of the Festival des Ecoles du Théâtre Public at the Théâtre de l'Aquarium, following a residency at the Maison Jacques Copeau and the EDT 91.

Les Médaillons by Thibault Fayner, directed by Anne Monfort with the students of EDT 91 © Léo Guilet

NULLE PART by Kouam Tawa
3rd year CNSAD workshops directed by Anne Monfort with the artistic collaboration of Laure Bachelier-Mazon.
Nulle part tells the story of a group of young people lost in a place crossed by ghosts, where the dead were buried, where the spirits take revenge, where history and literature demand to be rehabilitated, including in their holes. Through the parable of these "brothers and sisters" literally lost in the middle of Nowhere, a reflection on a new solidarity and on the political future of Cameroon emerges.

Through the musicality of the text, its immersive dimension, we went through our nightmares and tried to give them a scenic form. In retinal persistence, paintings telling different ways of being together and separated, the voices of outcasts and witches reappear. Somewhere between the fantasy series, the horror film and the poetic performance, the voices and bodies of Nulle part try to be together to get by. We worked on our unconscious, and on how to invent individual paths in this choral text and create a collective unconscious.

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Nulle part by Kouam Tawa, directed by Anne Monfort with the CNSAD class of 2021 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage