Blackout white noise


blackout white noise

During the occupation of the Rhineland in 1923, a male secretary loses his job. A female secretary takes over his job. She hesitates to speak to a French colonial troop soldier who stands guard outside her office window. Today, the soldier's great-granddaughter lives in Germany and struggles to talk to her grandfather in an old people's home.
These four voices, from Africa and Europe, blend and respond to each other, ghosts of the past intertwining with the present.

The old world is dying, the new world is slow to appear, and in this chiaroscuro
monsters arise. Antonio Gramsci

Kevin Rittberger proposed an initial text as part of the Autoren[theater]tage. The French author Penda Diouf continued the writing process to create a joint text.

On reading Blackout White Noise, I was particularly moved by the project and by the characters proposed by Penda and Kevin - people who evade determinism, who do not obey what history, as we have been taught it, might impose on them. There is in this writing a strength of resistance to narrative simplifications - no, a secretary who loses his job in the 1920s does not necessarily throw himself into the arms of the Nazi party, yes, a "colonial soldier" and a German woman can meet, beyond the issues of winner and loser, and skin colour. This is also the case with Blackout White Noise, which moves through spaces and temporalities, from the 1920s to today, from Europe to Africa, creating hallucinatory and sensitive dimensions.

Production day-for-Night
Coproduction in progress
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Cassandre ou la fin de la représentation by Kevin Rittberger, directed by Anne Monfort with the ESAD students © Christophe Raynaud de Lage

Text and artistic collaboration
Panda Diouf et Kevin Rittberger
Anne Monfort
Cast in progress
Administration and production
Yohan Rantswiler
Production and booking
Florence Francisco & Gabrielle Baille
Les Productions de la Seine
Press relations
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